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Corette Cornelia Design offers a wide range of design services to ensure you have a complete branding tool kit to help your business succeed.
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Small Businesses + Organisations + Individuals

Corette Cornelia Design Graphic Designer in Bristol

If what you have to say is important, then how you say it is very important! Taking a creative and strategic approach to your visual identity will establish a captivating brand that engages your clients and customers in a meaningful way. No brand or business can succeed without being able to create a meaningful connection to their target audience!

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See what my clients have said:

Corette Cornelia design offer great logo and branding design services to small businesses
Client  Reviews
Corette Cornelia Design Leaves
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Corette Cornelia Design Leaves

"Corette has designed for me a whole new look for my counselling business. She has provided me with a logo that is not just a symbol but also has important meaning.  She has designed a great website, social media images and stationary which all provide a great look for my business. Corette is very approachable and enthusiastic and I always felt that she wanted to create something that I was going to love - and she did! Corette spent time getting to know my work and my hopes for my business in order to create a brand that reflected that. I have appreciated her expertise, guidance and patience through the whole process and I would definitely recommend her. Thank you Corette"

Rachel Wallis
Client Reviews

Meet the Designer

Looking for a great logo or brand graphic designer? Contact Corette Cornelia Design - she has experience in creating logos and branding elements for small businesses and organisations.

For the last 12 years, I have been using my skills as a visual communicator to help organisations, businesses and individuals express themselves authentically & meaningfully. 

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What makes me different as a designer?

Corette Cornelia Design Graphic Designer in Bristol

We're not just going to make you look good.

We're going to develop a design strategy that gets you to where you aspire to be.

Corette Cornelia Design Graphic Designer in Bristol

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